Rwanda is one of the three blessed countries that still have the rare endangered mountain gorillas Africa, several travelers from different countries have embraced  Rwanda for its developing tourism sector, the country is accessible and there is flexibility in movement, all trips can be done with i time adjustable according to the nearness of most focused tourism centers.

The capital city Kigali is such attractive due to its originality, cleanness and order that makes every one’s live easy, numerous cultural centers in the country followed with Rwanda cultural dancing skills is enough for you to feel the hike of Africa.
From the famous and most recommended Rwanda gorilla safari in volcanoes national park, there are visited places that charming.  Akagera national park is ironically good for wildlife and birding trips while Nyungwe national park is the best for chimpanzee  trekking alongside nature.

Experience  Africa by traveling to Rwanda for numerous tourism activities, there different destinations to embrace and this includes volcanoes national park for trekking the rare mountain gorillas, golden monkey trekking, visiting Dian Fossey the famous primatologist, mountain karisimbi.

The country has also Akagera national park which has contributed much to Rwanda tourism as a country’s reliable economic sector, here you will meet the famous wild animals that are best known in the big family circle, elephants, wild buffaloes in their herds grazing, several of family antelopes grazing, the wild cats and predators feeding,
Experience the wilderness in a style by booking and confirming a special African safari at prices affordable for memories passed to generations.

Experience Amazing Rwanda Safaris

3 Days Nyungwe Chimps Trek

Expect a better experience in nyungwe national park when you go for a 3 day chimpanzee safari in cyamudondo, just home away from home.

3 Days Akagera wildlife safari

Zebras in Akagera
This a safari affordable to every traveler in Rwanda, its a 3 days wildlife package in Akagera national park where you expect numerous of various mammals.

5 Days Primates Tour

This trip start with Nyanza for a cultural tour then to Nyungwe forest for chimpanzee trekking, canopy walk for birding and  primates like colobus monkeys

5 Days Gorillas and Wildlife

Head to some of world’s most interesting destinations in Rwanda while you go gorilla trekking in the immensely volcanoes and for  wildlife in Akagera national parks

6 Days Nyungwe and L.Kivu

Plan your trip to the land of a thousand hill for a 6 day safari, its includes visiting Nyungwe national park for chimps trekking and luxury beaching on lake Kivu for a boat cruise

6 Days Rwanda Primates tour

Have comfort on your rwanda tours as you proudly respond to the values of the place, set a pace for chimpanzee trekking with Butare museum customs in advance

7 Days Chimps and Gorillas

Gorillas in Volcanoes
There are two special destinations in one that is Volcanoes and Nyungwe suitable for rare mountain gorilla safaris and chimps trekking man’s closest relatives, enjoy.

10 Days Gorilla and culture

King's Palace
With all inclusive have a luxury rwanda gorilla experience along side a cultural discovery of the King’s place in  Nyanza Butare, expect the best out it at a discount in 10 days.

13 Days Rwanda Safari Trek

Gorillas Eating
If your dream is mountain gorilla trekking then rwanda is the best destination to look at, its not only the apes but the hospitality, wildlife, birding,culture the country has, we welcome you