A gorilla trekking comprises of very many travel and tourism items but watching the gorillas in their natural environment as the main agenda. Gorilla safaris are done in three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and DR.Congo all located in the central eastern African region of the continent. The species of gorillas that are normally visited are mountain gorillas that are found in the Virunga massif that is straddled by the three mentioned countries and Bwindi forests in Uganda.

This involves tourists or nature lovers meeting a driver safari guide that will lead them to their destinations with the main purpose of enjoying the gorillas in their habitats as proposed by the itinerary.  The driver guide normally briefs the tourists at the first point they meet which might be the hotel or airport about how the expedition is going to be and also what to expect from their safari expedition. After briefing the guide leads the tourists to the gorilla national park where they can spend a night to prepare for gorilla trekking the following morning.

At the lodge, the tourist gets a luxury treat from the lodge personnel and also is able to have a very good meal and the bedding is world class. The following day in the morning, the tourist go for briefing about gorilla trekking activity where they are categorized in groups of 8 people to go down watch the gorillas. The tourist/trackers move for 2-6 hours in the jungle in search of the gorillas by the guidance of a gorilla patron. When they meet the gorillas they observe them feed, play with their young ones enjoy their tentative communication and also take photos of the gorillas.  After gorilla trekking a tourist can opt to go for other activities like a village walk to interact with the local people around the gorilla destination.

With gorilla safari trek visitors learn much about the gorillas in the mist from the stories and detailed briefings by the gorilla patron and also the actual watching of the gorillas in their natural habitat. The tourists also gets an opportunity to blend into the African culture as he/she visits the nearby communities where he/she engages in social activities like music dance, drama and also other local activities like bricking laying, preparation of local foods and also testing the local herbs. More to that the tourist is able to taste African food from the lodges and restaurants he/she dines in and also get an exquisite accommodation treat when he/she stay in one of the eco lodges around the gorilla parks.