Visit Democratic Republic of Congo another home for endangered species in the Virunga masiff, Th e country is well known for both lowland and mountain gorillas, Congo can be accessed from both Rwanda and Uganda for it is a shorter route to Congo if you go via Rwanda because it is very near to Congo with the region of Virunga however you can go through Uganda to Congo after doing several trips in Uganda but taking several hours to Congo boarders.
You can access the country with a verified visa and validated passport to all nations but with not a single entry Visa as its for the case of the East Africa countries in response to Uganda Rwanda and Kenya, besides Congo is said to be insecure but when it comes to the tourism destinations in Congo especially the Virunga National Park security is the first priority and tourists are enjoying the all activities with in the regions courtesy of mountain gorilla trekking, Hiking to Nyiragongo the only active volcanic mountain available in the area, Kahuzi biega, congo huds, here you are shown and demonstrated of how the Rangers and the trained Dogs do patrol the region from Poachers in response to conservation.
You are welcome for trips of your priority in the jungle, find different packages for Congo Gorilla  Safaris bellow.